Are you caught in a label wilderness?

Have you by any chance picked up any labels during your quest to find out 'what’s wrong with you'? I’m guessing you did. You probably found out you are a highly sensitive person, or maybe you got diagnosed with AD(H)D (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), or maybe you found the term indigo, highly gifted etc.


Of course, labeling has a purpose. It’s how we define and structure our world and ourselves, and in some cases, find the help we need to move forward in our lives.

But there’s a potential downside to labeling, and I need you to hear what it is.
Please remember to keep an open mind and heart when you read this.

It's best explained through my own experience.  

My inability to ‘get something done’ and function became such a problem in my life that I got diagnosed with AD(H)D when I was 28. 

Finally an explanation I thought. Now I can turn everything around.

I felt relieved. 

But then I had an appointment with a shrink.

“It’s not your fault you can’t function.’’, he said. “The problem is in your brain. Medication could improve your concentration, we just need to find the right kind and dosage for you. I’ll write you a prescription to start with.”
“I’d rather not take any medication. Are there any alternatives?” I said.

“There are different therapies.” He said. “You could try coaching. You could try mindfulness. But I strongly recommend medication. The underlying cause of your problems will not change. You’ll have AD(H)D the rest of your life.” 

The rest of my life!

I could feel my heart jumping out of my chest when he said that.

After that I got increasingly worried about this disorder I had that would last my entire life. I tried medication, therapy, anything to help me to function better.

After boosting my awareness for a while I started realizing the problem wasn't AD(H)D. 

The problem was I started believing I was AD(H)D. I was so strongly identified with it, I lost track of my true self even more strongly than before I got diagnosed. 

It confirmed the core believe there was something wrong with me. Suddenly, everything in my life was happening or not happening because of AD(H)D. Some friends noticed this dynamic and they tried to tell me. I would get very upset with them and I wouldn’t listen. It didn’t empower me like I hoped it would, it did the opposite. 

A label can potentially be very useful in your life, guiding you towards great resources, finding the support you need, if you don’t mistake the label for who you REALLY are.

A label can also limit what you can experience if you get stuck inside its walls.  

The truth is nothing can define or limit you unless you let it. Opening your mind is one of the conditions for change, because a conditioned mind is a stuck mind. And what is change other than moving away from what we know? 

You are not a bunch of labels. You are unique, beautiful and talented, and your possibilities are much greater than you realize. 

Don’t just take my word for it. I would like to invite you to FEEL who you really are yourself.

See if you can sit down and close your eyes. Shift your awareness in your body.


How are you feeling right now? Whatever you are feeling, see if you can sit with it without judging it or trying to push it away. Breath into it. Notice the space behind and beyond your thoughts and emotions.

That space is who you really are.

What did you experience while reading this post and during your meditation? If you feel like sharing, feel free to do so below this post. 

Lots of love and light to you,

X Marleen

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