[VIDEO] Why feeling deeply is your true strength

If you are smart and creative you are probably very sensitive as well. Being sensitive can feel overwhelming, because you process stimuly from the outside world and your own inner world in a deeper and more intense way. Your sensitivity is the reason you deeply enjoy an amazing piece of art, music that hits you straight in the heart or a breathtaking sunset. It’s also the reason why you feel pain when you see (or feel!) other humans or animals suffering.

In a society where we seem to value the mind over our heart and intuition, sensitivity seems like the weakest link. It seems like something you shouldn't have, because it only gets in your way. But that’s the opposite of the truth!

In this video I share part of my story, what it means (or feels like) to be deeply sensitive in this society, and why sensitivity is beautiful and a strength, not a weakness.


It’s just me and a camera (and my son’s stroller in the background) at night right after my son fell asleep, feeling inspired to share.   

We are so lucky to feel so deeply, it means we are truly connected and alive!

How do you experience your sensitivity in your life? Do you experience it as a strength or as a weakness? Please leave a comment below if you feel like sharing. 

Have an amazing day!

Lots of love & light to you,

x Marleen  

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