[VIDEO] Use this breathing technique to stay present and calm when you feel overwhelmed

Last weekend I visited the Babaji ashram in Holland during Navratri. Navratri is a 9 day holy festival from India.

Visiting this place usually stirs up all kinds of emotions. Within a period of 2 days I felt angry, irritated, frustrated and sad. I also felt connected to a deeper sense of love and gratefulness in between all these emotions. The ashram is a place where people live close together, making it a melting pot of different energies. This appears to be chaotic at first, but it’s not.  

When we go to a holy place like this, (old) patterns and emotions come to the surface quickly, giving us the oppertunity to heal, cleanse and release.  


This experience is often very intense and overwhelming. I usually feel a stronge urge to run away and hide, instead of staying with whatever is being sturred up to the surface, demanding my attention. Staying present with whatever is here is very important, because if you don't you can't heal and your emotional bucket will overflow causing all kinds of problems. 

There’s a practice that really helps when I feel flooded with strong emotions. It’s a breathing technique (Pranayama) called Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing.

This breathing technique calms down your mind, it calms down your nervous system, and it cleanses and balances the energy channels in the body (Nadi’s), which is helpful when you feel emotionally overwhelmed. It also reduces anxiety. These are just a few important benefits, there are a lot of health benefits attached to this practice.

I made a video for you explaining the technique, so you can easily apply it at home whenever you need it 🙂 

You can practice this breathing technique about 5 minutes, so it doesn't have to take up much time. 

Let me know how you experience this. Leave a remark or question below this video 🙂

Have an amazing day!

Lots of love & light to you,

x Marleen  

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